A Forest

© Karl Heinz

This piece explores the interdependent relation between individuality and belonging, order and randomness, reality and imagination.

In collaboration with the 2022 students of the first year of SOZO dance academy.

© Karl Heinz

Choreography: Matan Levkowich

Text: Emma Riedel

Dancers: Ursina Bösch, Lotta Brockmann, Thanh Thien Do, Eva Eyrich, Kae Fabri, Basel Sill Gahzouli, Jana Harrer, Evelina Kholod, Paula Loll, Jella Nonnenmacher, Emma Riedel, Mira Vielberth

Music: 'Hung Up' - Madona, 'Wawa by the Ocean' - Mary Lattimore

Duration: 30 Minutes