© Theresia Kaufmann

The dance performance 'Egregore' is an exploration of the potential impact of dance and movement on our individual and collective consciousness. The creation of the piece was centred on the phenomenology of interconnectedness.

Drawing inspiration from various spiritual traditions, the research is anchored in the assumption that interconnectedness is the nature of all things. Our physical practice is an attempt to move towards a state of expansion where we can transcend the boundaries between performers, audience and space.

In collaboration with the All & Beyond students of the Movement Lab dance school in Vienna.

© Theresia Kaufmann

Guidance: Matan Levkowich

Performers: Alina Pacher, Arleziana Fundiur, Attila Vadoc, Bea Fórizs, Bianca Montemarano, Carlotta Rosiny, Irene Kopecky, Jana Krautloher, Johanna Berger, Klara Wolf, Lena Pirklhuber, Lukas Teml, Paul Möstl, Richard Pichler, Tamara Ebner

Sound design: Matan Levkowich

Music: “Dheli Plaza” - Fennesz, “Aqua” - Koshi Chimes, “Undersea Steps” - Brian Eno, “Breath” - Johan Segerberg, “Golden Cloud Layers” - Joanna Brouk

Duration: 42 Minutes