Kids A

© Ernst Grünewald

Listening. I see him and I follow myself. I see myself in her eyes. I follow myself following her. It becomes too close. Touching. I reach beyond what can be reached. I grab fragments from a broken story. Shaking. It is mysterious; I don't know where I am. Arms and legs being sucked, I am growing. Disappearing. Invisible compass reveals us the way. Getting a sense of a lost direction. Two companions for a journey. Two bodies become no-body.

This piece explores the field of physical non-verbal communication.

© Ernst Grünewald

Concept: Matan Levkowich

Choreography and Performance: Kanako Sako & Matan Levkowich

Co-production: Tanz*Hotel residency project "Artist At Resort Term 9" with artistic accompaniment by Bert Gstettner.